LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)
LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)
LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)
LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)
LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)

LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)

Sale price$21.28

✅Screen Size: 5.8 Inch

✅Compatible Model: A1920 | A2097 | A2098 | A2099 | A2100

LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Aftermarket / Incell)

Compatible With iPhone XS.

Quality material, premium craftsmanship, and precision machining.

Premium Oleophobic Coating helps for smooth screen operations.

Vibrant Colors, True Tone Functionality, and Faster Refresh Rate.

100% Perfect fit.

We recommend professional installation.

Lifetime warranty on this product.

 This screen will solve the issues of:

  • iPhone XS Max  Broken screen
  • iPhone XS Max  Non-functional touch
  • iPhone XS Max  Cracks on the screen
  • iPhone XS Max  Dead pixels
  • iPhone XS Max  Low brightness
  • iPhone XS Max  Black or partially screen

How to replace iPhone XS Max Screen?

Step 1
Before disassembling the iPhone XS Max, you need to switch it off.
Hold down the on / standby button located on the right edge of the phone for a few seconds.
Then slide your finger to the right on the "Switch off" button which appears in red.

Step 2
Insert the extraction tool into the hole of the SIM drawer for this purpose.
Then push the tool gently to remove the drawer.
Enter the SIM tray and remove it.

Step 3
The iPhone SIM XS Max drawer is now disassembled.

Step 4
Next, unscrew the two screws circled in red using the pentalobe screwdriver to hold the screen on the chassis.

Step 5
Use the iSesamo spatula to create an opening on the bottom left of the phone.
Once the opening is created, insert a pick into the gap.

Step 6 - Screen repair
Slide the pick to the left and then go up the right side of the screen to take off.
Then peel the left side of the screen, always using the pick.
Finish at the top of the screen.

Step 7
Grab the screen and open it like a book.
Do not pull the screen, the latter being connected to the motherboard by tablecloths.

Step 8
Unscrew the 6 screws circled in red using the triwing screwdriver.

Step 9
Then unscrew the Phillips screw circled in red.

Step 10
Grasp the bottom metal plate with the pliers and pull it out.

Step 11
Grasp the sheet metal protection plate with the clamp and remove it.

Step 12
Always with the nylon spatula, then disconnect the battery from the battery.
This step is very important and must be respected for safety reasons!

Step 13
Keep the nylon spatula in hand and then disconnect:
The proximity sensor / brightness / truetone sensor and internal speaker.
As well as the two tablecloths of the screen.

Step 14
Unscrew the three screws circled in red using the triwing screwdriver.

Step 15
Shift the speaker upward as shown with the nylon spatula.
Then take off the microphone.
Be very delicate so as not to damage anything.

Step 16
Then peel off the illuminator and then the infrared projector, again using the nylon spatula.

Step 17
The iPhone XS Max full screen is now unmounted.
In case of display problem or broken screen, replace it with a new screen.