LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)

LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (5.5 Inch, White Color)

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✅Screen Size: 5.5 Inch

✅Compatible Model: | A1864 | A1897 | A1898 |

  • LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (Refurbished: LG) (White Color)
  • Please note that the LCD and Flexcable are LG factory std, that means these two key components are produced and assembled by the original manufacturer LG.
  • Named Refurbished LCD just because the old front glass is removed by using a hot plate and a new polarizer is applied. According to the case of old original devices, the backlight may also be replaced to new.
  • Tested one by one, 100% perfect fit,use this LCD Replacement to resolve nearly any touch screen problems of your iPhone 8 Plus may have.
  • Highly recommended for Professional Installation.
  • offer Lifetime Warranty on this product.


1 – Remove pentalobe screws
After making sure your device is turned off, you can start by removing the two pentalobe screws at the base of your phone, right on either side of the charging door.
Make sure you don’t lose the screws by using the handy magnetic map of the project included in the iPhone 8 screen replacement kit.
2 – Lift the display
Use the suction cup included in the package to gently lift and remove the display.
Use the thin metal spatula by inserting it between the phone’s display and frame to help you lift the display.
3 – Detach the sticker to remove the screen
By being very careful, swipe with the spatula on all sides to break the sticker that holds the screen in place.
Just loosen the adhesive, be careful not to damage the plastic joints.
After lifting the screen, remove the sticker.
4 – Remove the four metal screws
Make sure you remember the match of each screw, remove the four screws that hold the metal cover.
Use the star screwdriver to remove them.
5 – Disconnect connectors
Underneath the metal cover, you will find connectors.
Remove them very gently using the plastic spudger.
6 – Remove the screw pair
Gently remove the highlighted pair of screws in the photo.
Use the magnetic map to not lose them.
Remove the metal cover.
7 – Remove the internal connector
Below the metal cover, you will find another connector.
Remove it using the plastic spudger.
8 – Remove tri-wing screws
Around the Home button, you’ll find four Y000 tri-wing screws.
Remove them using the screwdriver included in the package.
After removing them, lift and remove the metal cover.
9 – Disconnect the Home button connector
Underneath this metal roof, you will find a very important cable.
Disconnect it with extreme delicacy! If you damage it, your iPhone 8 Touch ID will no longer work.
10 – Remove the Home button
After carefully disconnecting the cable, remove it along with the Home button.
The latter should easily detach from the screen.
11 – Install the Home button on the new screen
Repeat the steps backward to install the home button on the new screen.
Connect the Home button and its cable to the screen.
12 – Screw the coverage of the Home button
Repositions the metal cover is removed in step 8.
Ensure it with its Y000 tri-wing screws.
13 – Reconnect the connector to the logic board
Relinks the connector in photos to the logic board.
Do not press too hard and connect it very gently.
14 – Ensures metal cover on top of the logic board connector
Repositions the metal cover is removed in step 6.
Secure it with its screws using the screwdriver.
15 – Reconnect the latest connectors
Reconnect the latest connectors with great care.
Place the metal cover.
16 – Ensures metal cover above connectors
It secures the last metal cover by appropriately pairing each screw in its thread.
At this point, you will have fixed the metal cover.
17 – The Last Step
Install your new Repairize screen for iPhone 8 in the metal frame of your phone.
Press the screen into place without leaving side openings.
Reposition and screw the two pentalobe screws that you removed at the beginning of the process.