LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)
LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)

LCD Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color)

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✅ Screen Size: 5.5 Inch ✅ Compatible Model: A1661 | A1784 | A1785

  • LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (Refurbished: Toshiba) (Black Color) Please note that the LCD and Flexcable are Toshiba factory std, which means these two key components are produced and assembled by the original manufacturer Toshiba.
  • Named Refurbished LCD just because the old front glass is removed by using a hot plate and a new polarizer is applied. According to the case of old original devices, the backlight may also be replaced with new.
  • Tested one by one, 100% perfect fit, use this LCD Replacement to resolve nearly any touch screen problems your iPhone 7 Plus may have.
  • Highly recommended for Professional Installation.
  • offers a Lifetime Warranty on this product.

* Removing the enclosure screws 2 × 3,3 mm Pentalobe You need a pentalobe screwdriver (PL1) to open the iPhone 7 Plus. Remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the enclosure. They’re to the right and left of the Lightning connector. Put the screws in the same section of your magnetic pad.

* Removing the display iPhone 7 Plus - Removing the displayVideo Avoid scratching the back of the iPhone 7 by placing it on a soft and clean surface. To lift the front screen you need a suction cup, a hard plastic plectrum and a heat gun. If the screen is badly cracked, first tape it all over with package tape. The screen is glued to the frame. Heat the display around the edges using a heat gun to about 60°C. Attach the suction cup over the Home button (if possible), or next to it. While lifting the screen with the suction cup, insert the hard plastic pick between the aluminum frame and the display and press down the aluminum frame. Because the display is glued on, you have to slide the pick all around the iPhone. Don’t insert the pick too far on the side where the Sleep/Wake button is, because it could damage the display cables flex cables. Now use the pick to push the display toward the Lightning connector so the tabs come out of the aluminum frame. Rest the display on the aluminum frame, so you don’t overstretch the flex cables. If necessary, heat the outer edges of the display a few times. Don’t forget that the flex cables for the display are on the side with the Sleep/Wake button. The display is also engaged at the edge of the earpiece.

* Disconnecting the battery 1 × 2,4 mm Y-Type 3 × 1,1 mm Y-Type Battery Connector Before starting the repair, disconnect the battery contact to prevent short circuits and avoid accidentally turning on your device during the repair. Remove the three Y-Type screws using a Y-Type screwdriver (Y000) and lift off the bracket plate. Put all the parts in the same box of your magnetic pad. Now carefully pry off the battery connector by carefully inserting a spudger under it. If you don’t have a spudger, you can also try using your fingernail.

* Disconnecting the display connectors Display Connector Home Button Connector Use the spudger to disconnect the display and Home button cables.

* Disconnecting the FaceTime connector 1 × 1,3 mm Y-Type 2 × 1,0 mm Y-Type Facetime Connector Remove the three Y-Type screws using a Y-Type Screwdriver (Y000) and lift off the cover. Put all the parts in the same box of your magnetic pad. Using a spudger, carefully disconnect the FaceTime connector from the circuit board. Now you can take off the display all the way.

* Removing the earpiece 1 × 2,7 mm Phillips-Schraube 2 × 1,7 mm Phillips-Schraube 2 × 2,1 mm Phillips-Schraube The earpiece is on the back of the display unit. Remove the five Phillips screws from the bracket place on the earpiece. Put all the parts in the same box of your magnetic pad. Note that the screws have different lengths. Mixing them up could cause damage to the display during assembly. The earpiece is under the front camera’s flex cable. Fold the cable slightly to the side so you can remove the earpiece

* Removing the FaceTime cable Remove the cable set. Follow these two steps: First remove the sensors by lifting them carefully. Now insert the spudger or spatula under the flex cable at the point where the ambient microphone is. It’s firmly glued in place there. Now you can take out the cable set. Use the heat gun to soften the glue on the FaceTime cable.

* Removing the Home button Remove the four Y-type screws. Now remove the bracket plate. Put everything in the same box of your magnetic pad. Use the spudger to carefully disconnect the Home button cable. If necessary, press it against the display, because the connector isn’t screwed in. Carefully insert the ESD tweezers below the cable set and pry it loose. The cable set is usually glued in firmly. If necessary, use the heat gun to soften the glue.